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Melhore seu inglês com essas dicas rápidas de gramática

Good grammar helps you get ahead

por Brian Bowen


et me guess: You don’t like studying grammar. It’s just so boring, and do you really need to use it anyway? You’re not alone; I teach grammar and I find it boring. However, it IS necessary. There are some very good reasons for using proper English grammar: Grammar helps you to communicate. You may be able to make yourself understood with just some basic structures, but if you don’t want to make your English a puzzle for others to solve, good grammar is important.

Good grammar helps you get ahead. Whether at school or at work, being able to communicate properly is a skill that will bring you greater opportunities. Your grammar makes an impression. Even if you have a doctorate, if you use poor grammar people will think of you as uneducated. The reverse is also true: If you communicate well, you will sound more intelligent.

So, how can you improve your grammar. The best way is to take an ESL class. A good teacher can explain not only English grammar rules, but the circumstances in which you need to use the structures. However, if a lack of time or money prevents you from taking a class, there are some things you can do on your own:

Read, Read, Read
Reading helps to become familiar with the structure of English sentences. Eventually, things will seem “right” or “wrong” to you.

Keep a grammar notebook
When you read, write down the structures that are new to you, especially those that you have trouble with—for example, prepostitions.

Get a good textbook
You don’t need one with all kinds of activities, just something you can use as a reference.

This is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid. There are always several ways to communicate the same idea, so express yourself at the level you feel confident with.

Use your computer’s grammar checker
Software grammar checks are far from perfect, but they tell you when something is wrong, and give you suggestions for fixing it.

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